Turning the Tide on DIPG


Thank you to ASBMBToday.org for their feature, “Waiting for the Day to Come” – one of the most comprehensive articles we’ve ever seen on DIPG and how, in just the last 3-4 years, “research has exploded” through awareness and funding by family foundations like our own.

Because of your support, Julian’s Courage for Cures Foundation was able to fund in part the Pediatric Cancer Genome Research Project that found these markers. We’ve also been able to support the research that has lead to 37 clinical trials running on DIPG today. We’ve come a long way since Julian’s diagnosis in 2011, and we want to thank you for allowing his legacy to be a driver of real change evidenced here.

When we set out, we said we wanted to turn the tide on this disease so that no parent had to hear the heartbreaking words, “no known cause or cure.” Research is saying we just might see that day. We also said we wanted to find the best, brightest and most progressive partnerships in this space. We are achieving our mission. Thank you for being part of Team Julian/Courage for Cures and proud partners with these special doctors and families through the DIPG Collaborative.

Read the article or download the audio version here.